DDOS telephone dial | Telephone Flood

--- WHY we ---

In the market for such services, 95% is a SCAMS (hoax). And if you tried to order such a flood, either you were immediately deceived and did not provide anything, or the first hour worked and then the flood stopped because It is very difficult to maintain long work of SIP operators, as a rule they block frequent calls.

We have our own SIP operator as well as we have partners with whom we have a contract, which do not block calls under any circumstances.

We provide a free test for 10 minutes!

This is what makes us different from the rest. And that’s why our prices are higher than others. But for these prices we guarantee 100% quality and provide a report on calls.

The report will include the following data:

Phone number | Start time | End time | Total calls received | Total calls reset

In case of failure, we guarantee Moneyback!